Intervision & Supervision

We provide intervision and supervision for care professionals, to enhance and support their (group and personal) professional development. With a creative and supportive approach we invite them to reflect and connect their experiences with new knowledge. Intervision and supervision can strengthen their resilience, building on what they already know but with a fresh perspective and a solution focused mindset.

Intervision, is an ‘intercollegial’ learning method in a group of professionals guided by our team, focusing either on improving personal functioning of staff or on improving treatment/care work.

A key element is discussing behavior options of staff dealing with:

  • problematic behavior of clients
  • difficult work situations
  • work-related emotional problems and stress

Supervision can be defined as an individual learning method, guided by one or our psychologists.
It aims at improving personal functioning of individual staff in the work setting, focussing in particular on personal problems of the supervised individual staff member in working with clients and with other staff members. These problems frequently concern emotions, as for instance feeling insecure in certain situations or feelings of failure related to lack of success in treatment efforts.

Intervision and supervision can improve treatment/care work by:

  • Enhancing the quality and efficiency of treatment/care;
  • Training of staff to deal more effectively with problematic issues, situations or cases;
  • Enhancing consensus and cooperation between the different professions;
  • Contributing to team cohesion through a shared understanding.

“If you want to make positive changes in your professional attitude, don’t sit at your desk and wait for it. Connect, share, inspire and be INSPIRED!”

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