Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you answer most of the common questions people have when getting in contact with us.

What services are offered by Inspired?

We offer different services within the psychological domain. You can read all about it here.

Who can contact Inspired for support?

Both individuals of all ages with any kind of psychological challenges as well as organizations, for example managers, HR, school/university or healthcare professionals, who are interested in extra support and guidance to strengthen themselves, their team, build productivity or their knowledge and skills. So basically, everyone!

How does psychological help work on Sint Maarten?

Most of the time you get referred by your housedoctor to a psychologist. You can also contact a psychologist yourself if you want to. When you go to a psychologist first you will have an intake. In this first meeting you will get to know the psychologist and have an in depth conversation about the reason you decided to reach out. Together you make a treatment plan that fits your needs and then treatments starts. Most of the time these are weekly sessions. How long and how many depends on the individual situation.

Does my insurance cover the psychological treatment (plan)?

That depends on the insurance you have. You can check this with your own insurance company. Most of the insurance companies on the island do cover (part of) the services.

Do i have to lie down on a couch during a session with a psychologist?

No, you can lie down on your own couch. At home. Without the psychologist.

Are you crazy when you visit or talk to a psychologist?

We think you would be crazy not to do it when you need it. So no, totally not.
Life itself can actually be crazy sometimes, but that is a different discussion.

Can others be told about my treatment?

No. Psychologists are bound by confidentiality. But Yes, if you do want us to help explain something to someone else for you we do this on your request. We only disclose personal personal information with your consent.

If you have additional questions: please feel free to contact us!