What We Did For Others

Below is a sample of projects we did for organisations and individuals on the island of Sint Maarten. It serves as an illustration of what we can do, not as a resume.

Psychology is in everything, you will encounter it in your every day life on different levels. Therefore no two cases are alike. Our cases serve as an ever expanding example of how we can help you or help you help yourself.

Hurricanes and Rainbows

This psychosocial project of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, funded by the National Disaster Fund, linked young adolescents and seniors of St. Maarten together through life story interviewing concerning coping with (the aftermath of) hurricanes. It had the focus to develop intergenerational connection, stimulating providing psychosocial support and to enrich the documentation of … Continue reading Hurricanes and Rainbows


Connecting with professionals in the field is one of the main focal areas of Inspired. For psychologists and allied professionals, APAP SXM (Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals) is the platform to connect and share knowledge and experience in the field of psychology. Being active members of the association Caroline and Sanne invest in the … Continue reading APAP

Intervision & Supervision

We provide intervision and supervision for several care professionals in currently two organizations to enhance and support their professional development. With a creative and supportive approach we invite them to reflect and connect their experiences with new knowledge or perspective and/or strengthen their resilience in what they already know. ” If you want to make … Continue reading Intervision & Supervision

Training Psychosocial Support in Disasters – K1 DIRECT

With the Government of St. Maarten, K1 DIRECT committed to assist in manning and coordinating the logistics related to emergency shelters, coordinating the distribution of relief goods, and conducting first response. Though they have a pre-determined role assist in these areas, they are very much aware of the unpredictability and chaos related to crises and … Continue reading Training Psychosocial Support in Disasters – K1 DIRECT

Team Development

Inspired, having a certified DiSC trainer, is currently carrying out a team development program at a local health care organization, based on Lencioni’s five behaviors of a cohesive team: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results, using the DiSC assessment as a foundation to build a cohesive team. The DiSC assessment, published by Wiley, is a … Continue reading Team Development


“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Jon Kabat Zinn We all face challenges in life, the usual small but significant daily stressors and/or chronic stressors. Stress can come to the surface in many ways. For some it results in physical pain like muscle tension or … Continue reading Mindfulness