Happiness activities list

Did you know certain activities can improve your mood and level of energy? When we feel down or experience an increased stress level, we often feel passive and unmotivated. This type of fatigue needs activity rather than rest, which means you should do the opposite of what you feel like doing. Activities will boost hormones that support positive feelings. Especially physical activities can have a major impact. This list is meant as an overview of suggestions and does not pretend to be a complete guide. It is meant as a source of support and inspiration. Find out what works for you!

SXM ACt of Kindness

Kindness is a value that is often overlooked, but oh so powerful and so needed. It helps to feel connected, with others but also yourself. We reach out to connect with you, offering you this bundle of self care tools for your own download and use. Be a part of this movement and boost the chain of acts of kindness by making a small gesture yourself! Post your act or the one you received using #SXMActOfKindness to inspire others.


Practicing gratitude daily enhances your overall well-being, it strengthens your interpersonal relationships, improves optimism and increases happiness. Ask yourself the following questions at the end of every day, and notice the difference. Below a free download to start practicing gratitude. In one of the highlights on our instagram account @inspiredsxm, you can find a gratitude challenge. Everyday a new question!

good memories

Challenging circumstances in life can trigger stress. A situation reminds you of a stressful time in the past and negative thoughts pop up. These negative thoughts result in increasing anxiety, frustration or anger, and before you know you react in a way you later regret. This circle of thoughts, emotions and reaction can also be used in a positive way.

Thinking about good times, using all your senses to activate a positive memory can trigger the thoughts and emotions that are connected to the memory. By practicing this positive circle many times you can trigger positive emotions in times you need them the most. Find a memory of a situation in which you felt very confident, if confidence is the feeling that could help you now. Find a memory of a situation in which you felt relaxed, when you want to calm down now. Download the worksheet below and give it a try!


Life is full of choices, and sometime it is the smallest decision that can change your life forever. But how do you know what choice to make? Let’s start by defining what is most important to you. Find inspiration on our instagram page! And download your worksheet below:

Calming your brain

When we are experiencing stress, our mind can easily be overwhelmed with negative thoughts. This keeps a function of our brain, which we call working memory, very occupied. As our working memory has a limited capacity, our rational thinking is compromised. Our rational thinking is however very important in finding solutions for the problems we experience.

To calm your brain down, it is proven to be helpful to distract your working memory with a neutral task, for example: counting, making a to-do list or a puzzle. This works for adults as well as for children.

Give it a try with the following free downloads!