The team of Inspired makes several (custom-made) products that are also for sale, some of them are shown here on the website. To see more: come check them out at our office, at one of the markets where we are present (see our socials for that), or email us for specific information about buying a product or even better: to have one made specifically for you!

Posters & Postcards

Available in A4 size and Postcards – Glossy paper or Regular White Paper.
Price poster: 3.50 USD. Price postcards (per set of 4): 5.00 USD


Handmade small notebooks to write down your daily thoughts, inspiration or other mind matters, with different variating texts on the front page.

Price per notebook: 8.00 USD

Handmade box with several cards to use in a daily frequency or on a slower pace if preferred to support personal development. In different categories:

Daily PractiCe BOX

Little boxes with themed cards to help you take care of your mental health, or as a perfect gift to support others in their life.

  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration

Price per box: 12.50 USD

Lucky Charms

Handmade dolls, for lucky charms. Can also be connected to the notebooks or added to one of the other products, or used as an extra item for gift decoration.

Price per doll: 0.50 USD


Planters for a small plant, with a creative twist to help remind you to take care of yourself.

Price per planter (without plant):

Water bottles

Water bottles, with a text on it to help make sure you stay hydrated

Price per water bottle:

Tote Bags

Easy to use tote bags, with creative text to remind you of the importance of (self-)care.

Price per bag:

Wine or water bottle bags

Small bags with a text with a wink on it that you can use as a gift bag

Price per bag (without bottle):