Hurricanes and Rainbows

This psychosocial project of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, funded by the National Disaster Fund, links young adolescents and seniors of St. Maarten together through life story interviewing concerning coping with (the aftermath of) hurricanes. It has the focus to develop intergenerational connection, stimulating providing psychosocial support and to enrich the documentation of the history of St. Maarten with the personal experiences and stories of our seniors and youth concerning the hurricanes and their lives in general.

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R.S., one of the students participating to the project

Our team provided workshops to the students concerning breaking the stereotypes about seniors and how to truly connect with each other. Inspired provided guidance during the project where needed on psychological level and supported with the projectmanagement. This was a great experience to engage, create and contribute to the documentation of St. Maarten stories concerning hurricanes. Soon more about this, since the end result will be presented in a spectacular manner!

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