Team Development MHF

In June 2020 a program was organised for the coordinators of MHF. Based on a screening session with them a tailor made training program was designed. The program included a baseline team assessment on the Five Behaviors of Lencioni, leading to a focus on trust being the foundation of the pyramid, healthy conflict and commitment. The personal DiSC Workplace profile assessments that were received during this program increased self and team knowledge concerning their preference styles, motivators and stressors. This allowed coordinator team to make a good start concerning improving effective communication and making use of each other’s strengths resulting in increased productivity.

As trainers we appreciate that MHF entrusted Inspired with their team process and to play a part in their development as a team. We see a team that is willing to think outside the box and to do this, be open to new strategies. How to do this is always a challenge. That is why it is important to keep investing in team development.

Team Inspired is looking back at an inspiring start of the Team Development Program at MHF and is looking forward to continue to assist the coordinators team with their process of development in the follow-up program, as well as to start Team Development for the other departments.

If you are interested in the Team Development Program for your organization, click here for more information, or contact us via or our contact form.

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