Workshop Saba Reach Foundation

Saba Reach Foundation is a non-profit organization which serves to facilitate sustainable employment and participation opportunities for (young) adult residents of Saba with a distance to the labor market.

Being a non-profit organization has its challenges. Mental health issues continue to come to the forefront in the workplace and in our communities. Nonprofit organizations are being called upon to respond to this need with little or no financial support because the resources are limited in many communities. This and other challenges can have an impact on the motivation which is fuelled by passion, pride and satisfaction. Saba Reach Foundation wants to keep investing in their staff to stay motivated, to receive that professional fulfillment and to continue being meaningful for the community. Inspired offered a workshop with a focus on courage, connection and growth. In this workshop employees found the courage to not only focus on the strengths but also on the pitfalls of a non profit organization, they connected to their personal strengths and to using these to overcome challenges and experience growth. At another time we provided a workshop focused on vision and mission, which resulted in the organization reviewing and updating theirs to have up more fitting with their current focus.

If you are interested in a workshop or training, tailor made for your organization, click here for more information, or contact us via or our contact form.

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