APAP: professional platform

Connecting with professionals in the field is one of the main focal areas of Inspired. For psychologists and allied professionals, APAP SXM (Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals) is the platform to connect and share knowledge and experience in the field of psychology. Being active (board) members of the association Caroline and Sanne invest in the promotion of practice and professional development of psychology and related fields. Social and professional interests of psychologists and related professions on Sint Maarten (Dutch side) are addressed by involvement in monthly meetings, intervision and training.

Creating awareness of the importance of psychological well being became extra important after the devastating hurricane Irma that hit Sint Maarten in September 2017. The teammembers of Inspired played an active role in APAP SXM by developing material, methods and giving presentations like ‘Managing Hurricane stress’ during the Hurricane Expo in June 2018, participating in the two seasons of the radioshow Next Level Thinking (https://soundcloud.com/user-891626694) or being involved in giving community trainings in Mindfulness sponsored by the National Disaster Fund.

For more information about the activities of APAP SXM check: http://www.apapsxm.com

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