Method development SBC

Sister Basilia Center (SBC) is part of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation; the leading care organization after the hospital on Sint Maarten. We were honoured to be able to assist them in 2019 with the development of a manual for a new care product. The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation was preparing for the start of this new product and consulted Inspired for guidance, making use of our knowledge and experience in this field and this type of intervention.

The intervention is called ‘Home Guidance Care’ and is focused on clients of the Sister Basilia Center, who have an intellectual disability. The help is specifically focused on clients who are in need of extra help in their home situation. The method is in line with the main goal of the Sister Basilia Center: to stimulate the clients to achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life. The manual describes different aspects like the target group, the goals of the intervention, the rationale behind it, the work process flow, working materials and implementation plan.

Setting up this manual together with the team of the Home Guidance Care has been a great experience. With collaborative input, brainstorming and structuring an informative manual has been written to be able to help launch this care product in a well prepared manner.

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