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Do You want to unwind? Keep your mind busy!

Written by Sanne Gruijters Shouldn’t we clear our mind to unwind? “Just stop the negative thoughts” or “Just think positive”. Please tell me if this does the trick. I am not saying positive thinking does not work, however, it is JUST.not.that.simple. What does work is knowing a little bit more about our working memory. It … Continue reading Do You want to unwind? Keep your mind busy!

Allergic to acceptance?

Are you experiencing sudden sensations of nausea? Shaking limbs, blurry vision or headaches? Are you feeling in panic? You might feel overwhelmed by what is happening in your life. These feelings and sensations are not on our wishlist, our first intuitive reaction is to avoid or fight them. “Think positive! Tough times don’t last, tough … Continue reading Allergic to acceptance?

Slow down time.

Do you know how to slow down time?  Reflecting on 2019 people often say: ‘it went by so fast as if it was nothing’. As a child time seemed endless. The count down to every big event took ages. The anticipation was half the fun. But nowadays we tend to look past that, thinking about … Continue reading Slow down time.

New beginnings

A new year is ahead of us: new beginnings, a clean plate, new year’s resolutions, letting go the old, the mistakes, the failures, the regrets.  But before that: we have to close off December… Many of us will recognize that the ‘To Do’- list became way longer than it was at the beginning of the … Continue reading New beginnings

Lost control

When everything around you seems to be working against you, and you try so hard to think your way out of it…. Somehow it can just pull you deeper in the mess that you are in. Thoughts like: “Why can’t I just find a solution” or “if only my partner would understand”, “let me just … Continue reading Lost control