The Team

Our team consists of two psychologists, BIG registered in the Netherlands and living on St. Maarten:

Caroline van Oost

Caroline was born in Canada and grew up in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She studied at the University of Utrecht and in Nijmegen at Radboud Centre of Social Sciences. After visiting the island for many years she decided to move in 2016 to the island. For more information about her professional career you can see her LinkedIn profile

Sanne about Caroline:

“One of her strengths is her determination. After hurricane Irma that was the first thing I noticed. Her kindness is her drive to contribute to the community and be of assistance in building back. She is able to involve people, make them part of a team responsibility and combine strengths to overcome challenges together and deliver quality. She motivates others to think things through, to not jump to conclusions and maybe even change one’s mind in light of evidence. Quality is what she stands for. She is eager to learn and develop her professional skills. Not just as a professional though. She has a lot of different interests, for example she loves to discover the underwater world by diving or helping others by being actively involved in several volunteer projects. Being a genuine and sincere person, Caroline stays true to herself, with an open mind and appreciation for the beliefs and motives of others. Make her part of your team and she will put in all her effort, explore, give an honest opinion and look for opportunities to grow as a team. For me, her drive and determination, inspired me to feel empowered in my strengths. So why not make that dream come true? We share our ideas about psychology, a good sense of humor, patience, creativity and more. Resulting in a collaboration in which we can be inspired even more and inspire others, not just in a therapy setting. Why should we only color in between the lines?

SAnne Gruijters

Sanne was born in a town nearby Maastricht, in The Netherlands. She studied at the University of that same city and found her way to Sint Maarten by visiting family and friends many times. She decided to finally move there in March 2017. For more information about her professional career you can see her LinkedIn profile.

Caroline about Sanne:

“If you talk to Sanne, she will spark you with her creative mind and enthusiasm. That is something that immediately stands out with her. Her broad smile and sparkling eyes that pop up when she talks about her passions . Sanne is always eager to develop herself and is not afraid to think outside of the box. She enjoys exploring new things and appreciating the small things in life. Developing new products and ideas is a strength of her, just like her talent of looking at challenges from different perspectives and critically reflect on this, giving ground to her being able to make wise and fair decisions. Her ability to connect, innovate and share her knowledge in an understandable manner for whoever she is talking to is inspiring for me. She is able to move herself comfortable around in different social settings and make people feel at ease. Her creativity is not only an important aspect for her professional identity, also in her personal life you see this in different forms. She can make from nothing something and is able to create beautiful art and items that would not be misplaced in several shops. She is a woman with a wide variety of interests, from driving a motorbike to crochet! A person who i am happy to collaborate with and embark on this great journey to innovate, inspire and create within the psychology field!”