About Us

It was right after hurricane Irma when Sanne and Caroline first met. This may sound like the start of a romance but that is not where this story is going. It is about a shared passion. A shared passion in the field of psychology! 

In the first weeks after Caroline saw her house blown away by Irma, she arranged a meeting with the Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten (APAP SXM). Her goal was to combine forces and to make a plan to offer psychosocial support to the community. Through assisting government, doing radio interviews and sharing information about self care, the psychologists of the association worked together as one team for the island.

Sanne was already connected to APAP SXM, but just by email until then. She moved to St. Maarten before the storm working as psychologist on Saba and Statia. She was looking forward to connect to other psychologists in the Caribbean region but could not have imagined that this was what the first meeting would be like. That did make her even more motivated to connect and collaborate, contributing to the support. 

As psychologists we are aware of the fact a crisis can lead to growth as well. The resilience we all have seen on the island is big. People getting back on their feet, restart from nothing, coming up with new ideas, new restaurants popping up, hotels rebuilding. Of course not everyone was lucky enough to come back stronger and some are still going through tough times. And that is also an important reason we decides it is time to set up Inspired. Working intensively together in that period we started to share our dreams in the psychology domain and found out we matched. 

The rebuilding of St. Maarten after the hurricanes been a big inspiration to the both of us, and we are grateful to be a part of this. With Inspired we hope to build that resilience even stronger. Tap into the creativity, stimulate and support innovation in the psychology field. And for those who weren’t that lucky, who lost connection with their inner strength during or after the storm or in other challenges life can throw at us, the team of Inspired also would like to support. We offer our services to invest in your personal development, individually or as a team, as a family or as a professional, no matter what age or background. 

Every person has that inner power somewhere, waiting to be found, reconnect and grow. You are the expert of your life, it is your story to write, we can be there to help you put the puzzle pieces together and empower you to be as resilient as you can be.